LONEtheater (TeatroSOLO) gathers 5 performative – theatrical interventions developed in 5 specific places of a city, and built for an audience of one person at a time. These 5 locations maintain a dialog with the emerging issues of the intervened city. Across this individual experience, the spectator rediscovers a new perspective, taking as a key of access different theatrical pieces that subsist hidden amidst the regular dynamic of the intervened locations.
This interventional project retakes the primary methodology of representation, from the ancestral practice of the transmission of stories and myths from generation to generation, and rebuilds it in the present time. In this way manages to rediscover this methodology, releasing theatre from its archetypal structures. This tool takes the theatricality out of the room and displaces Theatre to any given site of a population. The performer gets pushed away from his context, full of artificial signs, and is placed in the center of the real scene of the narration. The spectator is helped to escape the usual subjugation of an audience member, his/her anonymity, and is given an active and individual role inside the staging.